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priority. we. force and we are willing to use it to support our friends. >> sean: i want to get everybody in? >> i tom friedman of the "new york times" but he put it in perspective. president obama is the first american president to travel to israel as a tourist. that concerns me. does me have the force of credibility with our jewish partners and respect of leaders who may not like him but fear him as they did george w. bush. that is the scary thing. we need to help israel establish a second most strategic alliance with egypt. obama does not have the ability. >> sean: jordan may not be far behind and syria is going the muslim brotherhood. >> he was most tossed out president in american-israel
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relations and before the election and same is true today. he didn't set the reset button on this trip. it was embarrassing and refused to go to the parliament to address the officials. it's self-styled and hand picked group of students and young people and he told them to ignore their elected representatives that somehow risk a verse and their parents who have some sort to overcome the legacy of mistrust. to tell holocaust descendants there is no healthy reason for skepticism is embarrassing and wrong. >> sean: ryan. >> let me give you an idea how little the current administration knows about the muslim brotherhood. they are celebrating the fact that the syrian rebels chose as the interim prime minister as an american, but this guy is tied to the u.s. muslim brotherhood.
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and u.s. ambassador for syria and the syrian brotherhood backed this individual and they said i don't know what his political affiliations are but i'm sure he is more texans. >> sean: thank you our distinguished group of guests. the news continues. we'll see you next time. >> greta: tonight. bob bechel said what? >> i tell you one thing, cbs which was a great network, don't want to become known as the communist sympathizers. >> greta: that is right. bob is fighting mad and he'll be tell you exactly why. karl rove and much more ahead, on the record starts right now. >> a budget is a statement of each party's vision in how they would govern. >> i you think our budge is rooted in math and shared common american values. the republican budget relies on
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magic and doesn't add up. >> a lot of democrats in washington they don't care about balancing the budget anymore. it certainly shows with this one. >> there is a lot of talk about balancing budgets. i was here when we did that. we know how to do this. we've done it before. republicans don't know how to do it. >> i argue they have zero credibility on this. >> let's be clear. democrats in this town who reject the goal of balancing the budget is how of step where the american people are. >> the amazing race, question on this after they travel to hanoi and vietnam. >> now they make their way to the b-52 memorial, site of wreckage of b-52 bomber shot down during the vietnam war. >> four americans went down with that plane. two died. four were in prison. 850,000 vietnam veterans alive today and you owe them a big apology.
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>> you guys better apologize. had you had no comment on something as trajz as that. i'll tell you, cbs which was a great network, you don't want to know as the communist sympathizers. >> greta: bob bechel has a lot more to say to cbs. he will join us later. first, if you think the budget battle is nasty now. you have not seen anything yet. republicans and democrats gearing up to make budget a big part of 2014 midterm elections. joan boehner is already releasing the first tv ad. >> she wants that new bike so bad and i can't figure out how to pay for it. >> families make tough decisions to balance their budget. why can't washington? congressman joe garcia voted against balancing washington's budget. he backs policy to put america more in debt.
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it's reckless and wrong. >> greta: karl rove joins us. nice to see you. >> thanks, greta. >> the democrats have vowed to make the ryan budget part of the central focus of their 2014 campaign. we see the ad put out by the super pac connected to speaker boehner. is it about winning between the two parties? >> it's about big disagreements about the fiscal condition of the country and way to resolve it. if you take a look at the democratic budget, the budget put for -- let me move over to this side. if you take a look at the budget the democrat budget would spend $184 billion more than the house republican budget. next year would spend 347, nearly $348 billion more. it would introduce $20 billion in additional taxes this year
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and $40 billion in new taxes next year. so the deficit under the democratic senate budget proposal which only thing we've got at this point, calls for more spending and more taxes and bigger deficits. that is not where the american people are. recent polls this week showed that 55% of the american people favored the republican budget plan. if you took the word republican off of it and simply described would you support a budget that balances the budget and raises no taxes and cuts $5 trillion of them favor that 55% to 24% that budget that would raise taxes by a trillion and cut spending by hundred billion and not balance the budget which is what the democratic budget calls for. >> greta: we are 18 months out from the 2014 election. we have the house has passed a budget and senate has passed a budget. it will go to a conference for reconciliation.
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both parties have made it sent tral focus of 2014. it is a signal they are more interested in winning and making sorted smear each other's face with each other budget rather than drawing common ground. >> two things. they don't go to conference on the budget resolutions. each house passes its own resolution which gives protection for the appropriation bill that comes to the house. second of all, my suspicion is that the republicans are trying to protect themselves by going on the offense and saying, this is about balancing the budget. the good news is, this probably doesn't matter much. what will happen is, we will have the budget for the first time in five years considered in regular order. which means that 13 committees in the house will write their appropriations bills. committee and senate will write theirs and each party body will take up those bills and pass different versions 6 them and go to conference.
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that is the normal sausage making going on in washington. we ought to welcome that. both sides will have to give and take in the normal course of things. i think the budget process going to end up better for the american people than we've had since we got off the rails in the middle of 2008. we only passed a budget for half of fiscal 2009 and starting there then we have not passed a budget and as a result we made these differences and not put them in an easy way to compromise. >> greta: i hope you are right. i'm a little more cynical. anyway, i hope you are right on that. i want to ask you about dr. ben carson. political buzz over a possible carson candidacy in 2016. neurosurgeon excited conservatives with his national prayer breakfast speech. >> there must be something inherently fair about
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proportion. you make ten dollars, but it in one. you have to get rid of the loopholes, but, now, some people say that is not fair. it doesn't hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as ignite -- where does it say you hurt the guy. he just put billion dollars in the pot. we don't need to hurt him. >> greta: should he run for office. these you a faces are exciting to both parties and everybody thinks this is possibility. what do you think about dr. ben carson. he says it's unlikely he'll run but is it a possibility? >> it might be a possibility. i know him. he is an exceptional human being. he was a friend of george w. bush. he a remarkable human being. a gifted neurosurgeon, wonderful life story, tremendous values, loves america. there is another thing between that and running for office.
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there is a reason why we have rarely elected people who have not previously served in political office. the times that we have, for example in 1952, nonetheless the person had a lot record of public service, dwight eisenhower commanded our traps in world war ii. i hope he enters the public sphere of our country because he a fine human being with a lot of insights and remarkable ability to get to the heart of the matter and express it. >> greta: fresh faces, senator marco rubio, from the senate and candidates coming out of jobs from governors. governor scott walker, governor martinez. in looking at the party, should the party, if given a choice, with people with more experience as an executive or legislative? >> traditionally the republican party has tended to have more people come from the ranks of
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governors who have been successful in getting elected, governor ronald reagan, governor george w. bush. politics changes and the question is people are going to be looking at republican nominees from the perspective do they have the ability to lead the country. are they a leader? some of them bike bobby jindal or mickey haley or martinez of new mexico or john kasich or governor snyder, all these people may be able to emphasize their experience but also marco rubio, you mentioned. rand paul is going may be a candidate. i think at some point for the top spot but the second part, senator from new hampshire and governor chris christie, if he gets re-elected is going to be a player if he wants to be a player. >> greta: do you see a bigger
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role for the people that identify themselves as tea party candidates or do you think that freshly in light of the recent rnc report certain things like suggesting perhaps fewer debates which may be more difficult for less well known candidate. what do you see looking into the future? >> a dozen debates is going to be adequate for anybody to get known. 22 hurt the republican party. chairman priebus is right. we ought to limit the number of debates. it's what the democrats did to minimize the damage to them from putting anchors in charge in unscripted events. it really hurt on our side because most of anchors were happy to pick the republicans, not concerned with jobs, economy and deficit and healthcare but considered with every weird social issue or recent statement by somebody they could draw out
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of the past and make the subject of the debate. i do think we're going to have a lot of new faces. this is healthy for our party. we're going to have one or two faces we are familiar with. i wouldn't suggest that jeb bush might not wrong. today, he might. this will be a very healthy discussion about the future course of the republican party and more importantly the future course of the country. >> greta: president is overseas. he is just on his way back. some have called it an offensive going over to israel and to jordan. is this -- as he leaves this trip, as he walks away from this trip, has this been a success? >> it's been a success he will have done things to bridge the gap between he and the israeli leadership and israeli people. that will be constructive. i think it will be good in admission of the failure of the
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last four years where he had a distant relationship with israel and where he tried to insist the peace process begin on his time and in his way. there are some weaknesses, he made strong comments regarding syria and president assad. i can't make tough words when you have weak actions. the united states has been absent much to the discredit to the united states and so the president is tough on his rhetoric highlighted the fact he has been very weak on his actions. second of all, the tone of the president's remarks regarding the israeli peace process. he no longer said to the israelis, you have to start by making concessions and you need to get back to the table. he took a much different tone. i thought it was right that he basically said to the palestinians, don't have preconditions. don't make this impossible to
7:15 pm
begin, but i thought it was most interesting he tried to go around the israeli leadership and said to the israeli people, leaders are never going to act unless you make them act. for a guy that has gone out of his way that we shouldn't be interfering with the interterm affairs of other countries, i thought it was unusual way to undo some of the good that he did at the have a tail end of his visit. he said forget everything i said about developing a good relationship with the leadership. i wanted you to pressure the israeli leadership to get it done and that is not the way to get the process started. >> greta: state different game between the palestinians and israelis now, we have moved down the time track and we have iran from intelligence that they are actively moving toward a nuclear weapon. does it change the dynamic and make it a different situation? >> it does change the dynamic. it makes it hard for the
7:16 pm
palestinians with all the tensions in the region to move. it also presents the president with a grave challenge. we're going to have to figure out what we're going to do to keep the iranians from acquiring a nuclear weapon. it changes the entire calculus in the region and makes eight much more dangerous place if they do. other countries, starting with saudis are going to want their own weapon and israelis very much at risk if iranians achieve a weapon. all the question, do we act in concert with the israelis, do the airs act, when is the right time to act, are there ways for us to keeping them from act by dissuading the iranians from moving forward? all these are tough and thorny questions. many of them don't have easy answers. president made tough noises about iran but the question is he going to back up his words. >> greta: then we have the syria problem which today, there a
7:17 pm
letter written by john mccain and senator carl levin saying that national security interests syria reporting chemical weapons 70,000 dead and they are calling for limited military options. a letter to the president. >> there is also a bipartisan piece of legislation that would step up u.s. assistance to the syrian opposition. again, the problem here is we have been absent on the scene for too long. as a result the bad actors have taken command of a significant element of the syrian opposition, that is to say forces allied with al-qaeda that may want to encourage a sunni effort against the shea starting in iraq to undermine the iraqi government. we've been absent. we're not a player. the french, british, turks and others played a much larger role and united states has ceded the
7:18 pm
leadership. we have little ability. i hope the president begins to act in a tougher, stronger fashion in concert with our international allies to provide the assistance necessary to end this regime and bring about a new government in damascus. >> greta: jump topics, bob bechel who gave a blistering comment about amazing race. he is going to join us in a second? >> god bless bob for standing on this issue. this was insensitive and stupid on the part of cbs to do this. they allowed themselves to insult every vietnam era veteran and their families and those particularly who cherish the memory of someone lost in that conflict by doing this. i can't imagine what idiot producer at cbs did this and cbs ought to take action. bob was right to stand up and say something about it. i really applaud him for doing so. >> greta: he is going to join us
7:19 pm
in a second. carl, thank you as always. straight ahead, is washington declaring war on tourists? senator tom coburn says yes. and outraged after reality show that takes people around the world takes things a bit too far as bob bechel is calling unamerican. and choice words for cbs. he is here to tell you why he is so angry and fired up. and joe biden racking up $580,000 hotel bill in paris. what does he have to say about that one? [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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>>. >> greta: here a question for you. what do you think is more important to the american people keeping the white house open for tourists or elvis cruises? we know what the majority of the united states senate think and tom coburn. nice to see you senator. apparently, i have an amendment and it was voted down. tell me first what the amendment was. i'm going to ask you questions
7:24 pm
about it? >> what we did is eliminate a bunch of wasteful spending and transfer that money to the national park service so we can open up our major parks on time this spring and also give the park service money so that we can open up the white house. the excuse has been the white house can't be open up because secret service have been furloughed but if you look at the numbers they haven't been furloughed. so it has to do with the national park service as it does the secret service. they didn't agree with that. they thought it was political vote. i started this because what you saw, if you read the reports, the people of wyoming have raised money on their own to plow the roads for yellowstone park out of cody, wyoming and jackson hole. they are doing on their own what is necessary to open the park. we are continuing to spend money
7:25 pm
on stupid things so the american people wouldn't have to spend their own dollars. >> greta: in looking at things you are attempting to take money from, one of them is an elvis music boat, $308,000. three weeks of tours. another one, salem witch hunt, examine the evidence, $628,000. more than six weeks of tours and list goes on and on. i'm curious, did any democrat vote for this? >> a couple did. only those that are up for reelection in the next election cycle. >> greta: any republican vote against it? >> not that i know of. not that i know of. the important thing is, we are borrowing over a trillion dollars a year and we're wasting money on those kind of silly things, certainly not a priority for the average working family that we would spend that money on grants to do stupid things. we don't even have the courage
7:26 pm
in the u.s. senate to eliminate those things and do something better. >> greta: even in the best of times, wine tasting express, $640,000, i'm not sure why the american people -- maybe american people think it's a good idea to spend money? >> i don't think so. i don't think -- there may be some wine sellers that think so. it goes back to limited government. we are so out of control we are spending money on things like that and at the same time borrowing money against our children. that is why we are successful on the one amendment on political science. >> greta: did any -- >> everything that we are doing is totally out of control because nobody is watching the american taxpayer's dollar. >> greta: there is something fundamental. not they disagree but they don't want you to be successful on this amendment? >> no.
7:27 pm
it's because all these programs have constituents, they may not agree but they want the money spent because somebody is going to call up, why didn't i get my granted? or why didn't we get to travel here? we're cowards when it comes to saying no which is what every family has to say when they have limited budget. they can't do the lower priority things. let get rid of low priority let's do some things that the spring break guys and people coming to washington ought to not to have sacrifice over. >> greta: and day long hammer for $640,000. another six or seven weeks of tours. >> coming up, brace yourself. we finally have some agreement between republican and democratic lawmakers on healthcare. we have bipartisanship. are you happy?
7:28 pm
well, you probably won't be when you find out what they all agree on that. is next. a crisis moving into new england. a new danger threatening the entire fishing industry. fishermen fear their livelihood will be devastated. >> if i have a kid i probably wouldn't become a fisherman. a lot of people aren't going to last much longer and i don't think we are either. [ male announcer ] need he keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align.
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>>. >> greta: bob beck sl on fire. he delivered a blistering comment about a recent episode of the amazing controversy and what bob said. >> watch the performance of patriotic -- reveal the words of celebrated celebrity. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now they make their way to the b-52 memory the site of a wreckage aj of b-52 shot down by the vietnam war. >> cbs is idiotic and stupid. to put something like that on tv. it had to go through somebody
7:33 pm
through the branch of cbs and they can't do better than that. go to a memories where americans died. take that show and shove it! >> greta: nice to see i bob? >> how are you. >> you are leading the charge on this one. have you heard from anyone associated with the program? >> i have not. we tried to get to them for three days and they said no comment. as far as i know they have not issued an apology. the thing about it we've had thousands and thousands of contacts from people around the country. i have personally and the show has. i talked today, by the way, to the commander of the american legion. he was very grateful. sent a letter to cbs asking them to apologize. said he was going to ask his members not to watch the show again and watch the five and
7:34 pm
i'll ask them him to watch greta. >> i saw a copy from the national commander and he is outraged. you spotted it. i tell you, this one was pretty outrageous and really grabbed you? >> greg gutfeld came up with it. vietnam defined my generation. it tore our country apart. it was very emotional. i was not for the war in vietnam but i was never for the commies, i was against the policy of the domino theory. when i saw it, i got so outraged. i could barely conceal it. i find it inexplicable that somebody could not have picked that up and understood there are 950,000 living vietnam veterans at minimum. seems to me they owe them an
7:35 pm
apology. >> karl rove is so behind you? >> i haven't heard from him. my phone calls are backed way up. i didn't know it was going to take off like this. i'm glad it did. not from my standpoint. when i was talking to the commander today, there were almost tears in his eyes. wouldn't you have, first they tried to blame it on young producers. somebody had to be looking at that thing who was alive during the vietnam war but the idea of the bicht 52, it's bad enough to listen to those patriotic songs but two died and four went to prison. it would take an idiot to allow that to go on the air? where is there decency. i don't get it. >> greta: even it were a person
7:36 pm
that has no sense of history or patriotism you would think between sunday night and now, since it has aired the responsible thing would cbs would have come out with a statement of apology or something. they have been sly lent? >> yeah, they have. so far. what would be the problem simply saying we made a mistake and we apologize. this is not tough to figure out. instead, we're going to keep this thing building and building and they will continue to hear from people. when you are digging a hole, hand me the shovel. clearly they decided to keep the shovel and response has been the same every day we called them and that is no comment. you and i no comment is an indict a amp statement in and of itself. >> greta: what do you make of the sign? >> that means i go around in a circle. i don't get what that means.
7:37 pm
i've been there. their traffic is terrible. >> greta: four americans went down, two died. bob, keep up the good work. i think you'll be hearing from them. i think you'll be hearing from them. >> i'm not going to give up on it. thank you for bringing me to talk about it. >> greta: now, to a very rare "oe kurns. republicans and democrats joining together. can you believe submit chief political core dental by yon york is dripping of sarcasm. what brought them together? >> a new tax and obamacare which they voted against, they voted 79-20 after passing the original. it's a 2.9% tax on medical devices. a number of people have been opposed to it. it was supposed to off set the
7:38 pm
cost of obamacare. amazingly enough the senators from states where they make a lot of medical devices have been opposed to this and two most is amy and alfranken, both democrats from minnesota both voted for obamacare. >> greta: i have the whole list of senators that suddenly don't want this bill. harry reid, 228 companies in his state. then his lieutenant senator dick durbin. what i find appalling, maybe if they read the bill they shoved the bill and said to vote for it. slid after the bill is passed and people do look at it, suddenly these rich corporations it's the idea that these special interests now get a special deal and the whole idea where everyone paid and shared the cost.
7:39 pm
>> obviously all republicans opposed obamacare anyway. a lot of the democrats did say they didn't like it back during the debate. >> greta: but they voted for it? >> republicans filibustered the bill so it required 60 votes to pass the senate. there were 60 democrats in a senate for a brief period of time in 2009 and 2010. that is when they passed it. they needed all of the votes. the senators had to swallow any problems or reservations they had go ahead and vote for obamacare and try to fix it later. it went into effect january 1st. as late as last december they were trying in some way to delay its going into effect. that didn't work. now it is here. there are some people who say, you know, these medical device companies are very rich. they are claiming poverty on this. these senators obviously don't believe that. if you have 79 senators vote in favor of getting rid of this tax that is huge majority.
7:40 pm
>> greta: whether it's a good idea or bad idea, what is appalling me is those that vote for it and senator reid pushing for it and then it's their constituents. whether it's a good tax or not, the whole idea we are going to help pay for this and the people that have special interests and special money go to their buddies and they get the vote? >> medical device industry directly employs 35,000 people. that is a lot of people. so, look, it's a reality on capitol hill that a lot of times somebody will vote for bill and fix it later. obamacare is a huge structure, completely restructuring the healthcare system. i think they said we need to do this. can you imagine, if democrat had said i'm not going to vote for this bill? couldn't have happened. >> greta: coming up, if you like
7:41 pm
seafood you may want to put it in the freezer. there is a problem. a big one. that is next. and rush limbaugh taking on vice president joe biden, racking up a half a million dollar hotel bill in paris. what rush has to say about that coming up. ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz.
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >>. >> greta: new england fishermen call it the perfect storm. now, new federal regulations cutting the harvest. the survival of fishing communities is on the line. griff jenkins has more from massachusetts. people are still numb from the type of reduction that hast. >> reporter: i can go catch a 5,000 cod.
7:46 pm
>> you are looking at implosion of industry and way of life that has been going on for 400 years. >> it's almost as if no one has contemplated what the outcome is going to be. >> for more than 400 years they have been earning a live at the sea. nobody knows that story in the oldest fish port. new federal regulations are set to take effect in may but threaten but end that way of life. they are tough restrictions in the case of cod, 77% in the gulf of maine. 56% and the fishermen say that is not enough to pay the bill. >> i don't think two or three months from now you will have very many people in this port. they won't believe they are solvent any longer. >> he a fisherman and all four sons are in the business and
7:47 pm
family has been fishing here since the turn of the century. we're talking about an industry killer? >> absolutely. an industry killer, a fishery killer, heritage, communities, the identity of some of these fishing communities could be totally gutted. we've got known environmental changes in the last couple of years that have changed the catch ability of fish and we have translated this legal reason to reduce fishing. in reality you need to increase that because the fish are harder to catch. we have created an illogical management regime and coming to a perfect storm of bad circumstances. in 2004 this fishery has not exceeded a single catch limit that was prescribed. so everybody has done what they were supposed to do. these fish will come back whether he shut it down or
7:48 pm
don't. >> they say the new rules are necessary to protect fish stocks. >> we're having to drastically reduce the amount of fish. gloucester and other ports. this is not an easy thing to do. the near future is going to have a lot of pain for fishermen and their families. there is no getting around that. i hope that the steps we're taking is going to rebuild stocks but there is no guarantee that is going to happen. fishermen are very good at finding fish and it confirms what the scientists are saying. >> for more four generation, they have been fishing off of gloucester for ground fish he has been here for more than 15 but with the new regulations, he didn't know what is he going to do now. >> i'm pretty much out of the game. i've lost 90% of my quote that because of reduction. it's the end of the game for me.
7:49 pm
>> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. everyone is in a state of shock and denial right now. we have two weeks left in is season because we have a shut down and may 1st, nobody knows whether they are going to fish or not. i got my allocation next weekend i have enough fish for three weeks and that is about it. >> the fishermen find themselves facing mortgage foreclosures, home foreclosures. >> richard rights for the daily gloucester times and has covered this issue for the past decades. >> they have put everything they had into the economic pie in order to be able to continue fishing. it doesn't seem likely that many of these people are going to be able to survive a year from now on the boats that they have
7:50 pm
right now. >> reporter: tommy is captain. midnight sun. he fifth generation fisherman but he may be the last? >> i don't think if i had a kid, i wouldn't tell them to be a fisherman. >> reporter: do you think the government isn't doing enough to help you guys survive out here? >> no, nope. if they wanted help us survive they wouldn't be doing what they are doing. >> greta: vice president joe biden may try he wracked up a half million dollar hotel bill in one night. rush limbaugh has something to say about it. that is next. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business.
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7:54 pm
>>. >> greta: okay, hash it out. take this quiz. how many do you have to order for room service to rack up a half million dollar hotel bill in paris. joe biden, his one night tab, $585,000. that is right. the vice president paid $585,000 for one night at the hotel intercontinental in paris. you can bet rush limbaugh has something to say about that.
7:55 pm
>> these guys know, they'll never be able to pay for anything like this themselves. i don't care what private sector gig he gets when this is all over. he'll never be able to take a bunch of friends, $585,000 for one night in paris. >> greta: next time he wants to use kayak to get a better deal. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg does lots of pushups with personal trainer. she works out twice a week and she is up to 20 pushups. i hate justices that make me look bad. what about you.
7:56 pm
>>. >> greta: and real life version catch me if you can. they tweets a man impersonates a piloted is suing the airport. he was wearing an air france shirt, he went straight to the cockpit and sat down and then told the copilot high was a 747 pilot. but when we couldn't provide the right paperwork. airline crew had him arrested the man definitely does not work for them, air france. >> and new celebrity couple, well sort of. rolling stone tweets, tony bennett him and lady gaga will record an album. his recent hip injury will not stop them from recording together. they teamed up with jazz after singing once before. they recorded the lady is a tramp for bennett's album. another duo you might call the
7:57 pm
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